Delta Crystallon pursues a dual therapeutic strategy in MS. First, alpha B-crystallin will act as a highly selective tolerogen. Using a proprietary dosing schedule, Delta Crystallon uses DC-TAB to switch off the pro-inflammatory memory T-cell response to alpha B-crystallin, by what is called antigen-specific tolerance induction. Such suppression of an original immune reaction is mediated by regulatory T cells that are just as specific for their antigen as the original memory T cells they suppress. Alpha B-crystallin is particularly suited for such tolerance induction. It actively stimulates macrophages to produce factors that support development of regulatory T cells. Secondly, with a range of animal model studies having demonstrated the powerful neuroprotective effects of systemic alpha B-crystallin, its intravenous administration to MS patients aims to provide direct support for neural cells, and will counteract damage in the brain and spinal cord. It does so by activating a protective response by macrophages and local brain microglia. By selectively eliminating the damaging T-cell reaction to alpha B-crystallin, and simultaneously mediating active neuroprotection, DC-TAB suppresses the development of new inflammatory lesions and further damage.

An important aspect of Delta Crystallon’s approach is its unprecedented selectivity. While DC-TAB suppresses the damaging T-cell reaction to alpha B-crystallin, it does not interfere with any other function of the immune system. We need the immune system to fight off infections and repair tissue damage. We also need the immune system to maintain a healthy CNS. Indiscriminately blocking or inhibiting fundamental functions of the immune system, as many current MS drugs do, will therefore inevitably lead to unwanted side effects, and actually counteract restoration of a healthy CNS. The highly selective approach of Delta Crystallon will avoid such effects. Our dual strategy therefore also holds significant promise for the management of progressive forms of MS, for which there is still no adequate treatment.

Delta Crystallon’s dual therapeutic strategy in MS.