Pim Schram, Chief Executive Officer

Pim Schram is one of the co-founders of Delta Crystallon. He has over 10 years of experience in managing of and investing in private companies in various industries, such as Biotech and Healthcare. Mr. Schram served as Chief Financial Officer since Delta Crystallon’s foundation in 2008. He became Chief Executive Officer in 2012.

Hans van Noort PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Hans van Noort received his PhD in biochemistry with honors from the University of Leiden. After working at Roche Research Center in Nutley NJ, he spent 22 years at TNO Pharma in The Netherlands. In that period, he combined management of CRO projects for a range of international pharma and biotech companies with strategic multiple sclerosis research. In 2008, he co-founded Delta Crystallon to pursue clinical development of alpha B-crystallin as an innovative biotherapeutical for neuro­degenerative disorders, in particular for MS. Hans van Noort served on the scientific advisory board of the Netherlands MS society for 10 years, and has acted as a reviewer and board member for several other national MS Societies, journals and grant-awarding organizations. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, mostly in the field of multiple sclerosis.

Rolf Jan Rutten MSc, Chief Business Officer

Rolf Jan Rutten has 18 years of experience in management, business development and marketing in the biotechnology industry. His previous experience includes positions within large and small biotechnology organizations ( e.g. TNO Pharma, Kreatech Biotechnology BV, Intervet International (Akzo-Nobel)) in the U.S., The Netherlands, Asian Pacific, India, Canada, and Mexico. Mr Rutten currently manages Clinquest Services, a company that provides high-quality data management, biostatistics, clinical and pharmacovigilance services, as part of the Clinquest Group of companies. He is co-founder of Audion Therapeutics, a company targeting hearing loss, of Dybly, a cardiovascular therapeutics company based in Basel, Switzerland, and of thromboDx, a molecular diagnostics company. Rolf Jan Rutten received his Masters in Biotechnology (majoring in biochemistry and virology) from the University of Wageningen in The Netherlands.

Richard Verbeek PhD, Director Quality Assurance

Richard Verbeek has more than 10 years of experience in the management of biomedical research, with a special focus on advanced medicinal products and biotechnology. His previous experience includes project management at TNO Pharma and DeltaCell in The Netherlands, and serving as the chief scientific officer of DeltaLife. In that period, he gained experience with the management of international CRO projects, GMP manufacturing, stem cell technologies, and advanced diagnostics. He holds a PhD in immunology from the VU University of Amsterdam. Richard Verbeek is responsible for the company’s quality management.