Delta Crystallon’s lead product DC-TAB is a solution of highly purified recombinant human alpha B-crystallin. This protein combines three important biological activities that make it uniquely suited to target neurodegenerative disorders, especially those with an inflammatory component. Below, the three main actions of DC-TAB are illustrated.

Delta Crystallon’s researchers have 20 years of experience studying the biological activity and properties of alpha B-crystallin, and are among the world’s leading experts on this versatile protein. Delta Crystallon has successfully developed a robust GMP-compliant manufacturing process for production of highly purified recombinant human alpha B-crystallin on an E. coli platform. GLP-compliant tests and analyses are in place to verify its quality and stability, which is extremely high. Preclinical toxicity studies and a Phase I study of intravenous DC-TAB in healthy human subjects have confirmed the excellent safety profile of DC-TAB. For its clinical development program, Delta Crystallon has about 3,000 doses of DC-TAB available for immediate use. This puts Delta Crystallon in an excellent position to rapidly move forward into Phase II/III studies for several neurodegenerative indications.